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OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger

Model #: OLYMPUS 820
  • • Location: CA, U.S.
  • • Compatibility: 100% OEM compatible
  • • Warranty: Brand new, 1 year
  • • Inventory: In Stock
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Product description

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger

• Weight: 368.55 g

The 820 Battery Charger provided by us is designed for use with the OLYMPUS Charger.

All products are guaranteed to meet or exceed original specification.

15 Days Money Back. Brand new with 1 year warranty!

Works with OLYMPUS Models

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger
µ 1060µ 1200µ 5000µ 7000µ 7010µ 770SWµ 820µ 830µ 840µ 850SWμ 1060μ-7020µ 1040µ 1050 SWµ TOUGH-3000µ-5010µ-7030µ-70401200700710720720SW730740750760770SW780790SW795SW820830840850SWCamedia X-600D-630 ZoomFE-150FE-150 ZoomFE-160FE-190FE-20FE-220FE-220DFE-230FE-240FE-250FE-280FE-290FE-300FE-3000FE-3010FE-320FE-330FE-340FE-350FE-350 Grand AngleFE-350 WideFE-360FE-4000FE-4010FE-4030FE-4050FE-5000FE-5010FE-5020FE-5030FE-5050FE-5500IR-300SP-700Stylus 1200Stylus 7010Stylus 710 DigitalStylus 720 SWStylus 730Stylus 740Stylus 750Stylus 760Stylus 770 SWStylus 780Stylus 790SWStylus 820Stylus 830Stylus 840Stylus 850 SWTough 725SWTough 770SWu-7050X-785X-790X-795X-800X-905X-915X-920X-935X-960X-970TG-310VR-310VR-320VR-330

Compatible OLYMPUS Part Numbers

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger

If you need a part for your model that is not listed above, please email us at here.

There are 2 products suitable for your 820 Charger model / part number, you can choose your best one from the comparable table below.

 Product Type Capacity Volt Weight Price  
LI-40B Battery Charger for OLYMPUS µ 1200, µ-7040 - - - 368.55g
LI-42B, LI-40B Battery Charger for OLYMPUS µ 1200, µ-7040 - - - 226.8g

Warranty & Return information

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger
1 year warranty 15 days money back

Shipping information

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger

Our stock locate in CA, U.S., all products are shipped by UPS Ground or USPS unless otherwise stated.

Continental United States
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We do not ship to GUAM, VI.

Payment information

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger

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Battery Tips & Info

OLYMPUS 820 Battery Charger

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