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1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

Model #: JVC GR-D20
  • • Material: Li-ion battery
  • • Capacity: 1100 mAh
  • • Volt: 7.2 V
  • • Location: CA, U.S.
  • • Compatibility: 100% OEM compatible
  • • Warranty: Brand new, 1 year
  • • Inventory: In Stock
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Product description

1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

• Weight: 113.4 g

• Length: 55.00x37.40x22.50 mm

• Color: Dark grey

• Battery Type: Replacement battery

The GR-D20 rechargeable Li-ion battery provided by us is designed for use with the JVC Camcorder .

All batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed original specification.

15 Days Money Back. Brand new with 1 year warranty!

Works with JVC Models

1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

Compatible JVC Part Numbers

1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

If you need a part for your model that is not listed above, please email us at here.

There are 6 products suitable for your GR-D20 Camcorder model / part number, you can choose your best one from the comparable table below.

 Product Type Capacity Volt Weight Price  
BN-V408-H, BN-V408U-H Camcorder Battery for JVC GR-DVL320U, GR-DVL410 Li-ion 1100mAh 7.2V 113.4g
BN-V408-H, BN-V408U-H Camcorder Battery for JVC GR-DVL320U, GR-DVL410 Li-ion 1100mAh 7.2V 113.4g
BN-V408-H, BN-V416U Camcorder Battery for JVC GR-DVL320U, GR-DVL410 Li-ion 2200mAh 7.2V 170.1g
BN-V408-H, BN-V416-H Camcorder Battery for JVC GR-DVL600U, GR-DVL767EK Li-ion 2200mAh 7.2V 160g
BN-V408-H, BN-V416U Camcorder Battery for JVC GR-DVL355EK, GR-DVL505 Li-ion 3000mAh 7.2V 198.45g
BN-V408-H, BN-V416U Camcorder Battery for JVC GR-DVL517U, GR-DVL715 Li-ion 3000mAh 7.2V 198.45g

Warranty & Return information

1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)
1 year warranty 15 days money back

Shipping information

1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

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1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

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Battery Tips & Info

1100mAh Li-ion JVC GR-D20 Camcorder Battery(7.2V)

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What effect will using the ViewFinder as opposed to the LCD screen have on my battery?

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